Checking ACH Files for OFAC Compliance

If your organization uses ACH (Automated Clearing House) files, we can help you stay in compliance with OFAC regulations by scanning your files quickly and easily.

NOTE:  As of September 2009, there is a new type of ACH called IAT (International ACH Transaction).

Our scanning works with IAT type ACH files, as well as older, non-IAT ACH files.  For IAT files, we check the Originator, the Receiver, the ODFI, the RDFI, and any foreign bank names.  For non-IAT files, we check the name in the Detail record.

The process is simple - you indicate which file on your computer you want checked, and click on the Submit button.

We will scan the file and email you a report that explains the findings for each name found in the file.

Here's a screenshot that shows how it works:

ACH File Upload Screenshot
How to specify a file to check

Security and Privacy

Because ACH files contain private information, we handle them in a very secure manner.  Once the file is uploaded to our server and scanned, it is discarded.  We delete the information from our server permanently, so your information remains private and confidential.