OFAC SDN List Web Search

The best way to stay in compliance with the OFAC list and other watch lists
is to check all of your customers, potential business partners, and employees
before you do business with them.

Verifilter makes that easy - just use our simple web interface
to search the OFAC list for anyone you wish.

OFAC List search - main screen at Verifilter
Here's what you see when you log in

Check Names in a Spreadsheet
Need to check lots of names at once?

Searching By Name and Address

Searching for a person or company is simple.
Once you are logged in, just type in the name
(and address, if you have it):

OFAC SDN list search by name
Searching by name and address

Searching By ID Number

Another option is searching for a person or company
using a well known identification number,
like a passport number:

OFAC SDN list search by ID number
Searching by ID

Search Results

Most of the time (hopefully) you won't find your customers or employees in our watch lists.
However, if there is a match, detailed information (and, possibly, a picture) will be displayed:

Notice that all aliases, known addresses, known ID numbers and other useful information is displayed.

If we have an image for the search result, we will also display that, as is shown in this example.

Results of OFAC SDN list search
Example of search results